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Our world of ideas and identity in a nutshell.


Welcome to “The Revolution 2020”. It’s a Mission for Financial Freedom. A New Age System of Marketing. Here is an opportunity to turn your Dreams into Reality.

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Our business plan consist of 4 types of bnary plan and all you have to do to enroll is to buy any of the product package from our product list, thereafter 2 sales will make you an independent distributor.

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We have a wide range of products starting from scientific products, Electronic products, Spiritual products, Garments, FMCG, Herbal products, Handicrafts, Health products & etc..

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A word for beginners!

Dear Friend, Congratulations on your decision!

Here you are in a business of your own, but not alone. Your sponsor (up-line) and “The Company” are always there to support you. You are free to dedicate as much time and energy into your business as you desire. Whether you decide to do it Part-time or Full-time, your business is truly your own personal business. However, as with any other business, success can only be achieved through dedication and effort. Our effective marketing system consists of sharing profits to consumers through a unique and dynamic marketing plan. Simple to explain, easy to understand, adopt and achieve with confidence. It is a plan that creates healthy relationship with your down-lines because when your down-line earns you also earn, and the fact that down-line’s loss will never be up-line’s gain. 
Our greatest glory is in never falling but in rising at every time we felt. That’s why we call it a Revolution, not just a Business.
We are with you at every step to help you to fulfill your dreams and reach greater heights.
We can confidently say that the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.

With Regards
The Revolution 2020


Our Aim

Our Aim is to make each and every of our Associates financially free by the Year 2020 and to touch every heart which has a dream still alive in his mind and has a burning desire to do something to taste success. Because here we have designed this platform in such a way that anyone can get instant success with very less effort.

Our Focus

Our focus is to provide world class product to our customers and International standard Services, Training, Teaching and Orientation Programmes to our distributors so that they achieve the greater heights of success. Because here at “Revolution 2020” we don’t believe in Quantity but Quality.

Upcoming Projects

Mobile recharges
MLM repurchase plan

Our Corner Stones

Results Driven

Not just fake promises, but result driven MLM plan.

Proven Technology

We have been recording stupendous output on our business plan..

Winning Culture

We inculcate a winning culture in our leaders, not just in the company, but in life..

Sucess Oriented

Sucess is what matters. We create a win - win situation for our distributors.