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The Business Plan


• To enrol with “The Revolution Group” all you have to do is to Buy any one of the products of your choice mentioned at our Product list.
• After Purchasing any One Product Package of your Choice, you will be treated as a Customer and by Promoting at least Two Sales, One in Your Left and another in Your Right, you will become an Independent Business Distributor/Associate of Company
• Payment can be made at your nearest Regional Branch Offices, exclusive Franchise Outlets of company by upfront paying the product cost and immediately after you made the payment, you will get a product according to your own choice along with your user ID.
• Also payment can be made Directly to Company’s Bank Account by Depositing/Transferring upfront amount through Fund Transfer,RTGS/NEFT. (*Terms and Conditions Apply)


We have 4 types of binary plan

  • Star-1 Plan
  • Star-2 Plan
  • Star-3 Plan
  • Star-4 Plan
  • (All Binary Plans are Daily Ceiling Plan) 

    The STAR-2 Plan, STAR-3 Plan and STAR-4 Plan are the Mirror reflection genealogy of. STAR-1 Plan.No Direct Entry is allowed to STAR-2, STAR-3, and STAR-4 Plan Enter the first plan as STAR-1 Plan and Get Upgrade to the Next to Next Plan.


Star-1 plan Pair Value (1:1) = 500/- Capping 1 pair per cutoff Income Rs. 1000/- per day Both leg fulshout
Star-2 plan Pair Value (1:1) = 1000/- Capping 10 pair per cutoff Income Rs. 20000/- per day Power leg carry forward
Star-3 plan Pair Value (1:1) = 2000/- Capping 10 pair per cutoff Income Rs. 40000/- per day Power leg carry forward
Star-4 plan Pair Value (1:1) = 4000/- Capping 1 pair per cutoff Income Rs. 80000/- per day Power leg carry forward

Note : Business hours or Cut off Time: (6 PM to 6 AM And 6 AM to 6 PM )



  • The 2nd, 4th,6th,8th,10th,12th,14th & 16th,(Binary) Payout shall be Deducted to Promote you Next Level



Online account transfer/ Cheque



Royalty- 1:   When an Independent Distributor/Associate Earns One Pair Income in the Star-2 Plan  He/She  will be Eligible to get Daily Royalty Income from his own team of Rs25/- per new joining. (T & C)
Royalty- 2:    When an Independent Distributor/Associate Earn One Pair Income in the Star-4 plan will be Eligible to get Monthly Royalty Income (T & C)


*All rewards will be counted next to next basis.

* All rewards will be given in our mega event.

* Other T & C apply